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Triangle Soundpainting Sextet at Looking Glass Cafe

Come join Wendy Spitzer, Living Poetry member Ricky Garni, and the Triangle Soundpainting Sextet for an evening of collaborative music and words. Doors Open at 6:00pm, Performance at 7:30pm

The Triangle Soundpainting Sextet is a small ensemble offshoot of the larger Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra, founded in Durham in the mid-00s by Shannon Morrow.

Soundpainting is a method of live improvisatory composition, wherein a conductor gives broad and sometimes specific gestural signals to musicians, who interpret those signals to create an ensemble piece on the fly. In this performance, the TSS will respond and improvise around the poetry of Ricky Garni, who will be reading from his new book of poems: HEY.

The Triangle Soundpainting Sextet is conducted by Wendy Spitzer (the brain behind the avant-pop ensemble Felix Obelix), and features Stuart Somer on piano; Douglas Vuncannon on bass; Chris Eubank on cello; Anne Gomez on tenor sax; Stephen Cowles on alto sax & flute; and Katherine Gill on violin.

Original artwork by Wendy Spitzer will also be on display on the evening of the performance.