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IMPACT: photography by Kevin Clark at Vespertine

  • Vespertine 118 E Main St Carrboro, NC, 27510 United States (map)

IMPACT: photography by Kevin Clark

FREE event

Using high-speed flash photography to capture the moment of impact when various foods are dropped into water, Clark’s images provide a glimpse into the complex beauty of chaos unseen by the naked eye, while also hoping to bring awareness & assistance to the millions all over the globe in severe need of food & clean water.

Full artist statement:

From a moment that reaches beyond my oldest memories, artistic expression has been both a treasure & a necessity. I have long had a passion for learning, an enjoyment of observation, an unwavering need to create, and found immense pleasure in the infinite possibilities discovered through sharing ideas with other artists and the differences of interpretation by those who observe the work. My learning & creative processes with photography mirror those I applied as a musician. I am self-taught & often create with an intention of spreading awareness about a particular issue.

For this series, I chose to use a high-speed flash photography technique in order to capture the complex beauty that exists in the chaos created when various foods are dropped into a tank & collide with water. Freezing time during the split second moment of impact allows us a glance into a world of majestic detail impossible to view with the naked eye.

I also wanted to bring attention to the terrifying fact that the items I used to create these images – food and clean water – are growing more and more scarce.  If art is supposed to be a reflection of life, not much could provide a better reflection than these two extremely essential elements of creating & sustaining life.

All of the food that was salvageable after the shoots was consumed and a portion of the profits from sales of these prints will be donated to Action Against Hunger International. a charity that provides aid for those suffering from hunger & a lack of clean water.  For some, these images may only serve as a pleasant distraction, and that is fine. However, if they can initiate support to those in need, they can help generate something far more stunning than the images themselves. By providing actual food & water in order to create life itself, these images can be a direct link, not just a reflection.