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Opening Reception at FRANK Gallery

  • FRANK Art Gallery 109 E Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC, 27514 United States (map)

September 8 - October 4 Opening Reception

Friday September 11 @ 6-9PM
with music from Robert Griffin

Elaine O'Neil, Chapel Hill, NC

Elaine O'Neil, Chapel Hill, NC

Elaine O'Neil

"Chapel Hill - a place I love - is the focus of this work. I have tried to portray the heart and soul of Chapel Hill, the things we love about this great town, the feelings and memories of good times experienced, and the vibe of learning, teaching, healing, and coming of age here." - Elaine O'Neil

O’Neil’s solo exhibition, CH, NC 27514, is inspired by memories of special places and the good things that happen here. For O’Neil, depicting a place is more about embodying the essence and the emotionally salient aspects of a location rather than ensuring physical accuracy.  She strives to make her pieces LOOK the way you FEEL when you're there.

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Water & Earth

September 8 - October 4, 2015

Opening Reception, Friday September 11 @ 6-9PM

Peg Bachenheimer
Gordon Jameson
Eric Knoche
Noah Riedel

Peg Bachenheimer,  Set Fire to the Rain

Peg Bachenheimer, Set Fire to the Rain

Noah Riedel,  Coffee Pot

Noah Riedel, Coffee Pot

 Water & Earth is a rich combination of four artists, who are all inspired by the world around them. Their work reflects this theme through both their chosen subjects and their processes. Peg Bachenheimer, Gordon Jameson, Eric Knoche, and Noah Riedel all create from their surroundings - the spaces, feelings, and sounds. This celebrated group of artists has been part of the heart of FRANK for many years, and we are very excited to present them all together in this special exhibition.

Painters Peg Bachenheimer and Gordon Jameson both continue to evolve as they explore new surfaces and subjects. Bachenheimer is moving more into the abstract, putting emotion on canvas through color and texture. Jameson is taking a slight departure from his vivid abstracts with more representational subjects. Inspired by reflections in the water, these works take the viewer to the worlds of microcosm and cosmic at once. Ceramicists Eric Knoche and Noah Riedel are both inspired by their surroundings, creating unique spatial relationships, and pushing the limitations of their materials. Playful functionality plays a key role in Riedel’s work, complemented by Knoche’s sculptural constructs.