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Exhibition “Tempus Immortales” at Vespertine

  • Vespertine 118 E Main Street Carrboro, NC 27510 (map)

Exhibition at Vespertine

Jan 8th – Jan 31st 2016

Works exhibited in “Tempus Immortales” bring a sense of different layers of time, timelessness, and engage multiple connections of meaning.  A set of seemingly whimsical and playful creatures reflect larger frames of reference to the observer. Glazes of honeyed and sepia tones give a sense of aged artifacts.  Rich underpainting and obscured symbols or writing hint at evidence of what has gone before. 

A set of small paintings bring the focus to the contemporary world.  A mood of unease references concerns of a world in a state of war, and the longing for escape to a simpler state of being where nature is enduring.  

“Tempus Immortales” urges remembrance of what occurs across longer ages of time, beyond the immediacy of our human world that often loses focus on what is truly important.