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Floraffiti: Bringing Words to Life and Life to Words

In its fifth year, Floraffti is a five month long placemaking and community engagement project taking place in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC Feb. through May 2017. Floraffiti serves as a positive catalyst of individual, socio-cultural, and environmental well-being in the community. This non-traditional project combines two art forms in a distinctive way to present and digest information, responding to the local climate and embodying local stories.

In February and March 2017, Floraffiti and  Josephus Thompson of The Poetry Project will work with several teen and adult community groups in Chapel Hill and Carrboro: Boomerang, Youth Community Project, teens from Orange County High Schools, and the Adults of the NC Art Therapy Institute’s Art and Peer Support Group. Josephus will facilitate each person’s written piece, transforming him or her into performers of their creations. Some participants will perform a collaborate piece. Each poet will choose one word significant to their piece and with the help of local volunteers and artist, Carter Hubbard, founder of Floraffiti, they will plant their words throughout Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Multiple spoken word performances by local youth and adults will take place around 10 to 15 of the sprouted words during the 2nd Friday ArtWalk, April 14th from 6-9pm. 

Schedule for Friday, April 14: 
6pm - Open Eye Cafe: "Idea"
6:15 - Carrboro Town raised planter at triangle intersection of Weaver and Main Streets: "Hold On"
6:30 - Near the 300 East Main Parking Deck and exit area onto Main St in Carrboro:
          "Together We Grow", "Sin Final", "Siempre", "Amor", "Resistant!", "Imagine"
7:30 - At the Public Parking lot at 415 West Franklin Street and across the street from that location:  "Discover", "One", "Breathe", "Hope", "Resilience"

In total, 45+ planted Floraffiti words will be planted in highly visible areas in and around local businesses reflecting the vibrant culture of the area, from the Chapel Hill Library, the Community Center, up Franklin Street to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. The living, growing poetry celebrates April’s National Poetry Month.

Placemaking initiatives such as Floraffiti aid in creating a sustainable visitor destination, reflecting a town actively invested in the welfare of all ages of the community, valuing its cultural identity. The words create destination points. This is one of the first signs announcing that spring is here, a much anticipated occurrence each year in the areas where the green words pop up.