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Reception for Mixed-Media Artist LaTasha "Sunny" Gravely at the Visitors Center

The Visitors Center will take part in 2nd Friday Artwalk and feature artist LaTasha “Sunny” Gravely who is known for her use of vibrant colors and powerful imagery. With her use of textured paper, colored tissue, paints and oil pastels, Sunny has found an elegant way to combine all of these mediums to create a vivacious expression of her art.  Her talents have greatly evolved from her “Southern Living” view ports using watercolor, ink and pencil.  Her art has been showcased in galleries from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Ms. Gravely’s latest work has been exploring the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the current racial climate of our country.  She believes these intense times cause a huge rift in the fabric of our integrated society, exposing the hate of the “old world” and humanity of the “new world.” She has created these vignettes to represent a visual impact of these experiences through her own lens and point of view.  Each of her paintings diving deeper into the mind of a southern African American woman struggling to find sympathy and understanding in a nation of “have” and “have nots”.