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Ghosts of Summer by Michael Neal Patrick at The ArtsCenter Corridor

Photography by Michael Neal Patrick

“I am primarily a transcendentalist. Through exploration, using composition and design, I experience something of the Divine. By showing my prints, I hope to share not only in what I find to be beautiful, but also in something beyond the visual, something intangible.

For this exhibit I’ve chosen 7 images from my Nature portfolio. I took these photos in the gentlest of light, hoping to expose small details and a richness of color and texture. I consider my subjects to be both extraordinary and ordinary. On one hand I’m saying ‘see this leaf, these roots, this rock—these everyday things are worthy of attention!’ On the other hand it’s not what you see, but how you see that reveals Beauty and stimulates interest! These simple truths are what I have learned by practicing photography, and I re-learn these each time I go out to shoot.

I have an Associate Degree in Photography from Randolph Tech, and a B.A. in Art from NCCU. Recently I retired after being a Horticulturist at Duke Gardens for 22 years.”

Exhibition on display in March.

Opening Reception: Friday, March 9th 6-8pm in the Nicholson Gallery and will be held in conjunction with the 2nd Friday ArtWalk.