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Frumet Raskin-Miller at WomanCraft Gifts

Come meet Frumet Raskin-Miller, WomanCraft's featured artist.  

Frumet came to her passion for pottery relatively late in life, after spending many years as a special educator and therapist. Now, she enjoys making beautiful, functional stoneware pottery. She loves working on the wheel, making and altering forms, decorating with slip, carving, and playing with color. She uses mid-range clays, food-safe glazes, and generally fires in an electric kiln. All of her beautiful pieces are microwaveable, safe for the oven, and dishwasher safe. She loves to offer unique pieces to be held, viewed, and most of all, used. 

This Friday Frumet will feature different boxes and berry bowls as she really enjoys the box form, the diverse utilitarian items you can make with lidded boxes, and berry bowls are so necessary at this time of year. Come and meet Frumet, find out what inspires her designs and enjoy her many wonderful offerings.