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PTA Thrift Shop

The PTA Thrift Shop in Carrboro is excited to participate in the 2nd Friday ArtWalk each month. This year we celebrate 67 years as an nonprofit in the community and joining 2nd Friday ArtWalk speaks to how our organization is evolving as a change agent and ecosystem partner. 

The PTA Thrift Shop receives artwork donated from the community in various mediums including 2 & 3 D, originals, signed art, prints, pottery, jewelry, books and musical instruments. Being a part of the 2nd Friday ArtWalk allows us to showcase exclusive pieces of art as part of a focused monthly event. 

Our showcase happens out front of the Carrboro store at 125 W. Main Street next door to YouthWorx on Main. Art is an integral part of Carrboro and Chapel Hill and we are excited to share our collection with the community. 

For more information call 919-942-6565 or email at